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Newsletter;9 December 2020

Hello Mulberry House families.

Thank you to all of you who came to our annual Donuts for Dads event last Friday. The event was a big success with lots of lovely bags produced and Donuts devoured! The children had so much fun spending some great time at school with their Dads and we hope that you all enjoyed the event as much as we enjoyed putting it on.

With Christmas rapidly approaching we are also closing in on the Christmas Concert and so a major focus at the moment in school is for us to practice the performance. We are dedicating lots of time to this in our individual classes and also as a whole school to give the children as much chance as possible to be comfortable when it comes to the big day. It is going very well and we are very excited to show you all next Friday! The setting for the concert is a struggling toy store whose toys are doing the best they can to transform in time for Christmas, and the children all look adorable in their different toy costumes.


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