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Thank you to all Mulberry Families for your continued support and understanding over the past few months. The health and well-being of everyone within the Mulberry House community is our priority.  The staff and management will continue to implement measures to ensure your children's safety in these difficult times.

Note: Attendance is optional and up to the family's discretion

To ensure the legitimacy and credibility of our measures, MOE has visited Mulberry House to assess our measures in response to COVID. The steps taken in ensuring public health and safety from Mulberry House thus meets the standards set out by MOE.

  1. Deep cleaning of all classrooms and areas of the school will be carried out prior to re-opening. 

  2. During class time, our housekeeping team will maintain our strict regimen of regular cleaning throughout the day. 

  3. Teachers and TAs will also encourage children to wash their hands regularly. 

  4. Plates and dishes will be washed in boiling water before and after use

  5. Please provide your child with their own water bottle to reduce risk of cross-contamination. 

  6. School staff will wear mask and face shield at all time. 

  7. School will prepare alcohol gel in the classroom and also upon arrival. 

  8. Before entering school buildings all shoes will be sanitized. 

Our Measures

Social Distancing

  1. All swimming classes are canceled 

  2. Assemblies are canceled 

  3. Lunch time and snack breaks in the canteen will be subject to staggered scheduling. 

  4. Outdoor play time will also be subject to staggered scheduling

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