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We are committed to providing stellar educational experiences to our students. We believe in the importance of individuality and, in doing so, tailor our education to each individual student demonstrated by our exceptional 4:1 student teacher ratio. Hear from members of our community!


Markus Stichel (Goethe-Institut Thailand), father of Yukio Sebastian Stichel

My son loves Mulberry. He often brings home stories about his teacher and friends at school.  

Yuki is more confident and is able to share his thoughts more coherently, with great thanks to Mulberry's well-rounded academics. He is also more caring, thoughtful, and coordinated than before. 

We love Mulberry House and recommend it to all of our friends. Thank you very much for your dedication!

I had one of my first memories at Mulberry. The friends that I made there have turned out to be life-long friends that I call family. I am thankful to Mulberry and for my experiences there.

Annotation 2020-06-13 153839.jpg

Mint - Mulberry Class of 2005;  Bangkok Patana Class  of  2016; 

LSE Class of 2019; 

Sciences Po and UofTokyo Class of 2021;


Earn - Mulberry Class of 2008; Wycombe Abbey Class of 2020; Pomona  College Class of 2024; 

I remember having a lot of fun with the hands-on learning at Mulberry House. Having been back to visit recently, I can see that the school has gone above and beyond to cater towards personalised development as well as creating a space for parents.   

Mulberry House has instilled in me the importance of community and personal interactive learning. I hope that everyone gets to experience what Mulberry has to offer.

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Mine - Mulberry Class of 2007;  Bangkok Patana Class  of  2016; 

Brown University Class of 2023; 

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