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Toddler Play Group

Come learn, play, and interact, with new friends and early years teachers! 

Toddler Play Group is a weekly session providing an opportunity for children 10-24 months to experience life at school. These play groups enable children not only to interact with others but participate in engaging activities with their parents.

When children arrive, they will be encouraged to explore the activities of interest to them. During Circle Time, we will listen to stories, sing songs, and embrace sensory opportunities. Each week toddlers at Mulberry House will have time for art projects including painting, pasting, and colouring accompanied by the weekly themes. The toddler play group will have access to school facilities such as the sandpit, soft gym, and water tables!

Wednesday - THURSDAY
Ages: 10 - 24 Months

Soft Gym

Sand Pit


Water Tables

Music & Songs

Free Snacks



300  Baht

1 Session


3000 Baht

12 sessions

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