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Newsletter; 5 October 2020

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hello Mulberry House families.

Last week all of our classes had loads of fun at school in their individual topics and activities. In this newsletter we would like to share some information and photos of the things that each class did. 

The Penguin class learned all about the body, they learned about their hands, feet and faces and had a great time making a puzzle of their own face! The Elephant class learned about doctors and had loads of fun role playing, learning about people in their communities. The Giraffe Class explores some new artistic techniques like splat art, they had fun learning about the sounds that bottles make when they hold different volumes of water, and talked about what they like and don’t like with a pizza making activity! The Kangaroo Class learned about special jobs like dentists and vets. They had fun learning how to clean teeth properly, read a story about a zoo vet and all of the animals he helped to recover, and in maths they learned how to add with intent! We hope you enjoy the photos attached to the newsletter showing all of the fun activities!

We would also like to remind parents and careers of their responsibility to participate in the protection and safeguarding of the children at Mulberry House. This includes not coming into the interior drop off gates before 7.40 am. as there are no Mulberry House staff scheduled to be there until then. Also please restrict from taking photos with anyone else other than your own children, especially when posting on social media as this as this goes against individual privacy and safeguarding regulations. We all also need to stay vigilant and keep up good practice on wearing masks and following protective measures surrounding COVID 19 at this time. 

Thank you all so much for your cooperation and I hope you all have a wonderful week! 


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