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Newsletter; 2 November 2020

Hello Mulberry House families.

A big thank you to everyone for all your efforts last week in preparing the children for the  Halloween and Loy Krathong celebrations. On Thursday there were some amazing costumes on show and everyone had such a great time going around the school and taking part in the different activities and games organized by the teachers and TAs. Each class moved around with their TAs starting in their own classroom as the teachers stayed and facilitated the fun. In the soft gym the kids had fun trying to bite dangling donuts from strings without using their hands. The Elephant Class had some spooky sensory play with things resembling brains, eyeballs and blood that the kids played with. In the Giraffe Class the children entered a Haunted House and made some witches brew in a cauldron with spooky ingredients. In the Kangaroo Class the children played in a huge spider web and had to get all of the spiders without being caught up in the web! There was also trick or treating with their handmade Halloween bags.

Loy Krathong was on Friday and was so much fun. The children all looked wonderful in their traditional dress and put on a great show for us all singing and dancing to some Loy Krathong songs. We had lots of games and prizes in the playground and some tasty food on offer like popcorn and ice cream. Please check out the photos from the event as there were a lot taken of the outside fun and people floating their Krathongs.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and this year the concert will be held on Friday 18th December. We will start to practice very soon and we are all very excited about the idea for this one.

Thanks and have a great week!

Please click the below for more Halloween Photos!

Please click the below for more Loy Krathong Photos!


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