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Newsletter; 31 August 2020

Hello Mulberry House families!

Congratulations and thanks on a successful first full week back at school! We would like to thank all of the parents and carers for settling into the new schedule so fast and for the children for adapting to school life. We always love to welcome familiar faces back and also welcome new students to the school and it’s been a pleasure to see all of you in and around the school. We have had a fun opening week and we should all be proud of the children’s efforts.

We have already started on the topics of study with the kindergarten classes completing their weeks of learning about ‘my body’ and ‘the five senses’ whilst the nursery classes focused on settling in to school and ‘all about me’. We are all excited to continue in our journey through the first term and do all of the fun things that we have planned for the children.

As of tomorrow, September 1st, we are happy to announce that Mr. Adam will be coming back into school to teach gym classes where the children will learn sports and games. You can also still sign up for after school activities which start next week. Please check the website for more details on the fantastic extra classes that we have on offer.

We also have ‘Safety  approaching in the schedule which will be the week of 21-25th September, where the children will learn all about the emergency services, and topics related to personal and public safety. We will have a visit from the fire service on Tuesday 22nd and from the hospital doctors on the 23rd which we are all very excited to happen. In preparation for this you could start to discuss safety at home with the children to help them to understand the importance of being safe.

Thanks and have a wonderful week!


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