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Newsletter; 28 September 2020

Hello Mulberry Families, 

We had a wonderful and exciting Safety Week last week. On Tuesday, the children had the opportunity to meet firefighters! The firefighters showed the students all of their equipment and talked about how they do their job safely. Part of a firefighter’s job in Bangkok is to remove snakes from homes therefore they brought a snake for the children to touch. One of their favourite activities during their visit is riding the electric ladder with a firefighter. We had so much fun and learned a lot during their visit. 

On Wednesday the children met doctors where they showed us some aspects of their job through a center rotation. The students got to practice CPR, learn about and try a stethoscope, and learnt how to care for a wound properly. We even got to go inside the ambulance and look at the flashing lights!

Too close out Safety Week, the children went to all the classrooms on Friday to play in different themed rooms such as a fire station, police station, and hospital. They did a great job taking on the roles of these different occupations and using some of the knowledge they learned earlier in the week during their play. 

The next school events will be Halloween and Loy Krathong at the end of October. We can’t wait until then!

Thanks and have a wonderful week!


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