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Newsletter; 14 September 2020

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Hello Mulberry House families!

Welcome to a new school week, the children have settled and have got used to their new classrooms, teachers and schedules very nicely. The Nursery 1 kids have also settled in now and we are so proud of them for doing this so fast at such a young age!

After school classes started last week and were a big success, with the children having so much fun in the different subjects. In nursery the children had loads of fun in the Dance and Movement class on Tuesday, learned Chinese on Wednesday, and on Friday they started Ballet and Taekwondo. It was great to see how much fun the little ones are having already in the numerous subjects as you can also see in photos attached. 

The Kindergarten after school classes were also a big hit with the children making rainbow fruit salads in Little Chefs on Tuesday, made a family tree in English Club on Wednesday, Thursday was Little Artists with the children making a hand print Rainbow, and Friday was Ballet and Taekwondo. It’s always wonderful to see the children enjoying these classes so much and great to see so much enthusiasm towards the after school opportunities.

We are all excited for this weeks classes, especially the start of our Monday after school with Nursery 2 starting Little Artists and Kindergarten starting Little Scientist. Also we are super happy to welcome safety week next week and all the fun that it will bring!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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